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20. The age when anything is possible……

To mark its 20th birthday, Maje is celebrating yesterday with perspective eyes, looking out to the future.

Maje takes us into a creative and allegorical world, respecting all the values that we shaped from the very beginning.

Maje continues its legend in a caring and respectful manner; let the young generation create their own definition of modernity, building a stage where the young generation could show their talents to the whole world.

As the best gift for Maje’s 20th anniversary, a creative campaign inspired by the brand’s value is born. It is, above all, an adventure which never stops…

By showcasing a new generation of young talented artists, including photographers, painters, videomakers, and cellist, Maje has written a new chapter of its brand story, introduced a new way of thinking with no boundaries, demonstrating dynamic passion and freedom.

An exclusive campaign for Asia - a celebration of family, friendship and love.

For Asia, this bold, offbeat, and modern Maje woman is represented by Ouyang Nana, a young and talented beauty who will also celebrate her coming-of-age as she turns 18 this year.

Maje invited Nana to front its exclusive campaign for Asia. Shot in Paris by Londonbased photographer, Vicki King, Nana’s oriental beauty is juxtaposed with Maje’s quintessential Parisian style aesthetics.

An impressively talented cellist, Ouyang Nana embodies the message of the brand’s DNA; her personal and professional growth path is a journey of dreams: Nana has taken a decisive step, seeking more opportunities not only in classical music, but also in art, acting, comedy and a variety of other creative and artistic channels of expressions, perfectly catering to what Maje embraces the most: true talents and creatives across generations.

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Sealing off this world like a visual collage, an intimate film by videographer Simon Cahn connects all these remarkable relationships. An anniversary logo in the form of a hand-drawn heart serves as a cheerful signature that will come to symbolise the creativity and humanity of these stories.

To commemorate this landmark event for the brand for time to come, especially in the world of the instant and the digital, these images will be collected in a book. A link between before and after, a metaphorical crossroad, the imprint of an era that continues to look forward.

Dream Tomorrow !

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